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We create an interior design that will be tailored to the customer’s wish. We will realize all of your imaginations.
  • Making and processing the project.
We offer the following types of repair/renovation works:
  • Dismantling;
  • Building: brick, block, stone, façade;
  • Electricity and ventilation;
  • Water supply (sanitary engineering) and heating;
  • Plaster works: Lime plaster (Gage), Cement, Rotmand;
  • Floor screed;
  • Spackling, painting, hanging wallpapers;
  • Putting on parquet and laminate;
  • Installing the wall tiles, installing the granite and wall tiles;
  • Stretch ceiling;
  • Installation of plaster constructions;
  • Cleaning, disposal of construction waste.
Building materials - are one of the most important components for the repair/renovation works.

Building materials can be divided in two types: the black materials - are the materials that are invisible after the completion of the repair works, e.g. gypsum boards, fugagips, Lime plaster (Gage), etc. The white material can be seen after the completion of the repair/renovation works: laminate, plinths, wallpaper, etc.

Black goods are purchased and transported by the company, white goods can be purchased and transported by the consumer with preliminary agreement.

People who are unable to participate in the renovation process due to lack of time or simply not being in the country/town are already able to completely, safely and most importantly, without any extra cost receive our service:

1. With the help of the web site, the consumer will be able to watch the ongoing repair/renovation process in "online" mode. (Live - cameras)

2. To Control the balance on the web site and get detailed information, how much money was spent on material on specific date.