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ltd "keremont" (comfortable, fully renovated) is a repair/renovation company.
its main directions are:
  • interior design.
  • full repair/renovations of houses, apartments and commercial areas.

the company’s advantages are:

  • modern technologies.
  • simplified, flexible, open communication with customers.
  • results-oriented and competent group.
  • innovation:

1. control panel where the customer can control the expenses step by step.

2. the customer can track the repair/renovation process via live-cameras.

About us

Our mission

The goal of "Keremont" is to create the comfort and quality for people.
We are looking for ways to eradicate existing problems in this field.

Our vision

To establish “Keremont” as constantly developing company, which will be
oriented toward creation of quality and affordable product.

Our values

Responsibility - The customer satisfaction is the priority for us, therefore the cooperation with
us, the guarantee of timely handover of the completed object without any additional expenses.
Focusing on the results - we create opportunities to make your expectations real.
Good faith - Relationship with us is always open and transparent.

Terms and warranty duration is clearly explained in the agreement. The warranty comes into force from the date of signing the agreement.

Warranty period is 3 years:

● Electrical and ventilation works;
● Sanitary engineering and heating works;

Other repair/renovation works for 1 year.

Warranty means that if a mistake is caused by our side, the customer will not have any expenses and the company will solve the problem. If the fault is urgent, (leaking pipes, no electricity), the repair works will start no later than a few hours after the customer’s call. In other cases, the company will start repairing the fault no later than 7 days.

For complex equipment, which will come out of order, within the manufacturer's warranty period, is responsible the manufacturer. The company "Keremont" is responsible only for installation. In other cases, according to the warranty, company specialists will be able to repair the not functioning device in a short time.

The warranty covers all types of works that are presented in the agreement.

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